Biochar is charcoal that is produced by biomass pyrolysis (the thermal conversion of organic matter in the absence of oxygen). It has a porous surface structure and chemical properties that enable it to capture and hold nutrients and moisture, as well as providing a place for micro-organisms and fungi to reside. Used as fertiliser it results in more fertile soil, increased crop yields, and improved crop nutrition. Biochar fertiliser also sequesters CO2.

Livestock farmers increasingly use biochar as a regular feed supplement to improve animal health, increase nutrient intake efficiency and thus productivity. As biochar gets enriched with nitrogen-rich organic compounds during the digestion process, the

excreted biochar-manure becomes a more valuable organic fertilizer causing lower nutrient losses and greenhouse gas emissions during storage and soil application.

Other established uses include air and water purification as well as microchip manufacture.

ESG Features

  • Organic Fertiliser
  • Natural Animal Feed
  • Efficient CO2 Sink

Natural Fertiliser and Feedstock